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As from 4th March 2013, Phil Lomax, Director and Principal Consultant of Green Dimensions is moving to take up a position as Principal Ecologist at Thomson Ecology.

Taking a hay crop at Eastleigh Borough Council's Itchen Valley Country Park.
Pond dipping (Image courtesy of Eastleigh Borough Council)
Palmate newt
Open grass being converted to a nature area in the inner-city Spinney Hill Park in Leicester.
Lakeside, Eastleigh (Image courtesy of Eastleigh Borough Council)
Gorse in bloom

Biodiversity Conservation Management and Improvement

How important is it that I manage my land for biodiversity conservation?
Biodiversity conservation not only depends upon the protection of important habitats and species, but also requires the positive management of their environment to maintain favourable conditions for their continuation.

Text Box: “Ensuring that future generations can enjoy England’s rich geology, landscapes and biodiversity, means we must significantly improve the protection and management of what we have today. Improving the conditions of the natural environment is required to ensure that everyone benefits from the services it provides”.  Natural England (Strategic Direction, 2006-09)

Furthermore, biodiversity conservation increasingly requires the restoration of degraded habitats or the creation of new habitats and networks of habitats to maintain viable communities and facilitate colonisation and dispersal.

How can I improve the biodiversity of my land?

GreenDim.bmpcan advise and support land owners and land managers in conserving and enhancing  biodiversity whilst recognising that land still has to continue to provide for a wide range of other needs, be it food or timber production, fisheries or recreation. If you are considering improving the biodiversity interests of your land, please contact us. Just send us an e-mail or contact us by telephone.

GreenDim.bmpcan provide experienced professional advice and support in the following areas:

  • Production of Conservation Management Plans
  • Habitat Creation Projects
  • Habitat Restoration Projects
  • Visitor Management/ Information and Interpretation
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • English Woodland Grant Scheme
  • Grant Applications

For recent examples of our services in this area, please see Case Studies .

Text Box: Quick quiz questions –   1) As a landowner/land manager am I obliged to manage my land to conserve and enhance biodiversity?    2) Are there any grants available to help me?

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A manual of techniques and specifications for incorporating nature conservation into grounds maintenance in Leicester City parks.
Hazel coppicing
The completed nature area brought a piece of countryside and the enjoyment of wildlife to inner-city residents in Leicester.
Enjoying the countryside (Image courtesy of Eastleigh Borough Council)
Wildlife refuge at the RSPB's Somerset Levels nature reserve.
Hurst Castle and the salt marsh
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