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As from 4th March 2013, Phil Lomax, Director and Principal Consultant of Green Dimensions is moving to take up a position as Principal Ecologist at Thomson Ecology.

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The Hub, sports and recreation facility, Eastleigh (Image courtesy of Eastleigh Borough Council)

Answers to Our Quick Quiz Questions!

1) What is the main national standard for assessing the quality of      parks and open spaces in England?

       The main national standard for assessing the quality of parks and open spaces        in England is the Green Flag Award. Click here for details of the award scheme,        criteria for the award of a Green Flag and the related Green Pennant and Green        Heritage awards.

2)  How can I find out what public satisfaction ratings are for sport      and recreation facilities in my area?

     There are two main sources of public satisfaction data for sport and recreation       facilities in your area. The Active People Surveys undertaken by Sport England       include an assessment of satisfaction with sports provision for each local       authority area across England.

      The Best Value User (or General) Survey which every local authority has to carry out       every 3 years. It includes questions and results on:

  •   Satisfaction with sports and leisure facilities (Best Value Indicator 119a)
  •   Satisfaction with parks and open spaces (Best Value Indicator 119e)

      Go to your local council website or contact your local council to access these       results.

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Lakeside, Eastleigh (Image courtesy of Eastleigh Borough Council)
Fleming Park Leisure Centre floodlit ATP (Image courtesy of Eastleigh Borough Council)
Hurst Castle and the salt marsh
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